Taking LGBT love public

Many countries have laws insuring that any affection between LGBT folks can be punished as “gross indecency” or as a violation of traditional values that somehow endanger children. But here’s another  video promoting LGBT equality that shows just how wrong those laws are  — another piece of “rock com” for social change as one of my colleagues terms it.

It’s nothing fancy, like the Grammy Awards with a cast that included marrying couples and Madonna. Just simple love and romance between two men brought to the public eye.

David thought it was just a surprise birthday party. So did the friends who had been invited to surprise him. But David’s boyfriend Lucas had a surprise for everyone.  Be sure to watch until the end. View the video. 

Singapore promotes LGBT-friendly health resource

Some really important and positive news out of Singapore that apparently happened last November but is now just being noticed by the media — mostly because LGBT opponents are trying to overturn it:

The Singapore Health Promotion Board, which is the island nation’s leading government health organization, has declared that LGBT citizens are NOT mentally ill and are NOT suffering from any disease. They are instead — surprise — normal.

And, to emphasize that, the Health Promotion Board has posted what is, for Singapore, an extraordinarily LGBT-positive online “FAQs on Sexuality.” Click to read it. 

The resource was apparently posted last November. Now, opponents are petitioning to have it removed. Gay Star News reports that about 1,500 have signed the anti-LGBT petition.   Apparently

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Can LGBT citizens be excluded from juries?

Amid all the focus on LGBT marriages in the United States, last week came a blast from what seems like the dark ages of American civil rights movements. It was a reminder that even when grand strides seem to have been made to secure LGBT equal protection, there are literally hundreds of legal discriminations still needing to be very specifically overturned by positive laws or positive judicial rulings.

Jurors: Which can be excluded on the basis of race, age, gender? From the Yale Collection of American Literature
Jurors: Which can be excluded on the basis of race, age, gender? From the Yale Collection of American Literature

Did you think that long ago LGBT citizens in the U.S. had secured the right to serve on juries?  Guess again. We MIGHT have gotten that right just about 10 days ago … but only in the Western states.

The U.S. Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals in San Francisco, with jurisdiction over most of the Western states, has just ruled that sexual orientation is NOT a basis for peremptory exclusions from a jury.

What, you say? Was someone really excluding LGBT folks from juries JUST because they were LGBT? It appears so. The test case involved

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