Singapore promotes LGBT-friendly health resource

Some really important and positive news out of Singapore that apparently happened last November but is now just being noticed by the media — mostly because LGBT opponents are trying to overturn it:

The Singapore Health Promotion Board, which is the island nation’s leading government health organization, has declared that LGBT citizens are NOT mentally ill and are NOT suffering from any disease. They are instead — surprise — normal.

And, to emphasize that, the Health Promotion Board has posted what is, for Singapore, an extraordinarily LGBT-positive online “FAQs on Sexuality.” Click to read it. 

The resource was apparently posted last November. Now, opponents are petitioning to have it removed. Gay Star News reports that about 1,500 have signed the anti-LGBT petition.   Apparently

the original online resource included links to LGBT organizations in Singapore but those have now been removed. A counter-petition is now under way urging the Health Promotion Board to restore those links. 

In my book Imagining Gay Paradise, I wrote about a very anti-LGBT pamphlet that was being used in Singaporean schools by the Ministry of Education in 2001, so it’s refreshing to see the new language of normalcy and inclusion used on the Health Promotions resource. 

To read the Online Resource, click here.

To read what I wrote about the Singaporean education pamphlet, click here.

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